Qingdao Huakai Ocean Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

Qingdao Huakai, who was founded in 1922, is the earliest professional rope manufacturer in China.

During the course of development for nearly a century, we have always been committed to the R&D, production and technical services of special ropes. We also have accumulated rich experiences in the production and application of special ropes, such as marine, military, safety special ropes and so on. Our company provides products and technical support for national "Dragon" bathyscaph, UN peacekeepers, National Space Agency, Special Police together with Marine Institute, Geophysical Exploration, Polar Expedition and other major projects for a long time.

We have got CE and UIAA certificate for static and dynamic rope. We are the first and exclusive rope manufacturer who has got both certificates in China.

We have got CSS certificate for marine rope.

We are the main rope supplier for fire departments of China.

We supply military force with ropes for training, tactical and fasting of army, navy and air force.

Main Product:

Safety Rope.

Ocean research and development rope

Climbing rope

Marine rope

Military rope

Fire resistance rope

We supply our rope to:

Ocean science research academy and institutions

Fire Service Department



Air force


Professional climbers

And so on.

We are not just produce rope but offer safe and reliable solutions to our customer, like deep sea research needs hanging in water no sink or float, simulation of low gravity pulling and protection of important communication lines.

We have long term plan for rope research and develping. We are alway be at the outpost of rope industrial to supply safe, sophisticated and reliable rope to every user.

We are always with

Safety, Specialty and Integrity!