Yantai Vcare Pet Products Co., Ltd.

Yantai Vcare Pet Products Co., Ltd., with a vision to offer high quality products to pet lovers from all over the world, has formed multi-series of pet articles. Aiming to give your adorable mute family member a better living, here you will find lots of healthy, environmental-friendly and attractive things to satisfy your pet′s needs. Dreaming to build a kingdom of pet care products and with long-term passionate and diligent work, we have several manufacturers that can provide hundreds of good quality & cost-effective products for your lovely pets. Here we have the best products and services you could count on us: -- Cat Litter: Made of different materials to provide your cats more choices for their secrets, we mainly have tofu cat litter, bentonite cat litter and silica gel cat litter -- Cat toy: To have a better time with your mute friend -- More special articles are kept to be added to make your buying here an easy and enjoyable experience. -- Pet Shampoo, can make your pet healthy and good smell.

Rich experience in pet industry and trade service to offer whole solution to our business dealsVDOCARE----Your reliable partner in China. WE DO CARE
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