Henan Lvyuan Water Treatment Technology Co., Ltd.

We are leading manufacturer in China which specialized in Filter ball products supplying for over 15 years, good quality and professional service help us gain many good reputation all over the world, we hope you can join us in the future.

1. As one of Top and early manufacturers of water filter industry in China

2. Factory direct supply, more than 30 years production experience,

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4. Providing free sample.

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6. Production operation and process is certified under ISO9001 quality system

7. Having a vast inventory

8. Having the largest fiber ball and comet fiber filter production line. Obtained utility model patent certificate certification in China.

Filter ball

★Premium filter media extends filter life and is a perfect replacement for filter sand, filter glass and other media.

★Unlike sand, the filter ball does not block your filter and requires less backwash for maintenance purposes.

We are looking forward to cooperating with more clients worldwide for common development and mutual benefits. Contact us today to benefit from what we offer!